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The Emotional Euphoria of “Waves”

Few independent filmmakers of the last several years have had as interesting of a short-spanned career thus far as Trey Edward Shults. Starting off in the early 2010s as an intern and production assistant on Terrence Malick’s films “The Tree of Life”, “Voyage of Time” and “Song to Song”, Shults steadily created short films with

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I Am Greta: The Utilisable Halo Of An Environmental Goddess

Because of her truly altruistic aspirations, I hope Greta Thunberg perpetuates herself as a symbol of the youth raising awareness of significant social issues, and not as ‘the overly emotional sick girl who has to go to school’. However, if her good deed falls into the wrong hands, she could become a dangerous political weapon.

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Und Morgen Die Ganze Welt: Why Is Germany’s Pick For The Oscars Dangerous For The Public?

Compared to countries with a polarised media landscape, i.e. a political spectrum ranging from the extreme left to the extreme right, reflecting an equally polarised society (e.g. the USA, the UK), Germany offers a system wherein all major media are clustered around the media-political centre (Reuters Institute Digital News Report, 2017, p.20-21). The weight of

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