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Review: „Kajillionaire“ – Miranda July

Especially at the beginning, “Kajillionaire” is reminiscent of the films of Wes Anderson – when, for example, the family of three crooks repeatedly sneaks crouched past a site fence to escape their landlord who is waiting for his money. Or when Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood), who only got her unusual name because she wanted

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“Lux Æterna” Review: Demented Descent Into Hell is Gaspar Noé’s Most Hysterical Film Yet

Gaspar Noé is a filmmaker that warrants strong reactions. Whether it be causing 250 walkouts at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival with “Irrevérsible”, or filming unsimulated sex scenes in his 3D film “Love”, or filming a 42-minute-long unbroken take for “Climax”, Noé takes immense pleasure in causing a whirlwind of provocation and emotional turmoil in

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“I’m Thinking of Ending Things” Review: Charlie Kaufman Returns with Another Existential Masterpiece

Few filmmakers have fallen farther down the rabbit hole of existentialism than Charlie Kaufman. The screenwriter/director has penned some of the most thought-provoking and original films ever made, having been nominated for two of his scripts and one of his directorial efforts at the Academy Awards, as well as winning Best Original Screenplay for 2004’s

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“Tenet” Review: The Brain-Bending Magic of Cinema is Back

Few names are more synonymous with modern cinema than Christopher Nolan. The acclaimed British auteur has amassed an enormous empire of epic studio action blockbusters with the craft of an arthouse film, focusing on the technical mastery of his craft and pushing the envelope of non-linear storytelling with a persistent obsession with time. “Memento” is

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